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Randy's Notes - The daily farm

Being it is about to get really cold, the last few days Rikke and myself have been working out in the large (20' x 40') rose garden, that resides between the north side of the house and the driveway. I told her today we should have done before/after photos, oh well, no one would have wanted to see it in the condition it was in. The entire lower structure of the bed was encased in english ivy, that has now all gone bye-bye. Rikke over the last few days has pruned all the roses, the blueberries, king edward, the flowering magnolia and all the other bushes and things she has growing in there, it is really looking good.

We will tackle the beds on the other side of the walk-ways tomorrow. We also need to get grocery shopping done, and get to the hardware, there is a need for some tools to be replaced, and some building materials to be had, for some upgrades to the barns that need getting.

It is hard work, but, we feel quite good about the accomplishments we have achieved in such a short time.

Randy's Notes - The daily farm

Last night Rikke handed off to me some of the seed orders that are now complete and have been sent out and paid for. Here is a basic listing, surely no one cares about all the details. I will just list the overall headings for the different veggies, skipping the sub-types and varieties. The numbers that follow the headings are the amounts of different varieties in those group headings. (if that makes any sense at all)

Lettuce 123456789
cauliflower 1234
cabbage 1234
radish 123
carrot 1234
Beet 12345
Spinach 123
Beans Bush 1
Bean Drying 12
Squash 123
Swiss Chard 1
Cucumber 12
Turnip 1
Collards 1
Pumpkin 123
Leek 1234
Kohlrabi 1
Celery 1
Rutabaga 12
Pepper 123456789
Tomato 123456789
Eggplant 1
Onion 12345
Pea 123
Kale 12
Parsnip 1

Randy's Notes - The daily farm

A chilly 26º and still rather dark at 0655 this morning. Not sure what woke me, but I was awake and that sorta ruins the sleep thing for me, so up I was. With a pile of laundry in hand, eyes still have sewn shut with sleep, I made my way to the laundry room to start a load of clothes and finish getting dressed. Needing a fire going this morning, I used up the last bits of wood in the cubby and got it started,With that done, slipped on the barn shoes, put the coat on and the headlamp on and off to the woodshed, more wood will be needed this day methinks.

Been out of coffee in the kitchen for a couple days, so started the truck when I was out and now sit here on the computer with a quad sittin next to me. The good life.


Stage 1 burn ban. .. pshh... 80% of our home is heated by the wood stove, I think that covers me to have it burning.

pss. Rikke handed me the seed orders that have been placed so far, (no she is not done yet), and what she gave me is 7 pages long.

Randy's Notes - The daily farm

Breezy, Chilly, Cloudy, are all ingredients for me sitting here on the computer working with Rikke on the seed ordering. The crackling fire in the wood stove is only prompting me to slip away and crawl back under the covers for a wee afternoon siesta. With the soon-coming long days of the garden work, this little winter break we get needs to contain a few naps!

Shhhh.... don't tell Rikke! ;]P

Randy's Notes - The daily farm

Spring trimming!

(What can I say, it was rather spring-like outside today, one can hope!)

We both worked outside this afternoon trimming, pruning, cleaning up lots of stuff near and around the plant beds near the garage. I took a full truckload to the dump with more to go and a goodly sized load of recyclables to go tomorrow.

Went down to the far barn to get feed for all the goats, we are supplementing alfalfa/orchard grass mix since there is not much worth eating in the pastures at this point in time. When in feeding the goats, what did I find, but, 6 eggs in 2 separate nests in the barn. Ugg! Come on girls this is why there are nesty boxes in the coop. Anyway, I would not have known of their existence if not for one of the buff's deciding to lay an ENORMOUS (goose sized) egg down there. it will not even come close to fitting in the carton.

Anyways, it was a good day, good to be out in the fresh air, good to be getting a head start on making the farm look decent not only for ourselves, but for the customers that will be coming to p/u their vegetables and eggs this year.

Ok! Back to the seed orders! (whip crack)

Randy's Notes - The daily farm

Mother nature brought sunshine and blue skies to the farm this morning, so out to work I went. What was a truckload of barn dried firewood, was getting to be a sopping pile, so away it went to the woodshed where it will wait till next year to be dried that last time in the wood stove.

With the chickens able to keep out of the weather (like it bothers them) in there nice roomy coop, there is still the 8' x 12' attached run that needs to be kept in order. With the chickens in there a digging holes (oh they love to dig) they can make it a muddy mucky mess in no time, and like with all children, they want to drag it into the house. Their nest boxes get muddy, the eggs get muddy, mud everywhere. KIDS! So that was the next task for the morning, getting new pine chips down, with a smattering of straw on top of that, they are now back in there a pickin and a diggin. With the arrival of spring, I will clean out a good measure of the dirt in the run, and replace it with soil from a compost pile, a sort of trade, wherein their poo filled dirt is traded for goodly bug enriched compost from the pile.

With the sunshine outside, the vegetable orders shall most likely have to wait till this evening and work on the hoop house (Casa Emmons) shall commence, or the glass green house, or possibly a run to the dump.

Opps! There went my day!

Randy's Notes - The daily farm

Baking bread today! What else is feasible in this drench. Pass that home made butter!

Randy's Notes - The daily farm

Some of the first seed orders went out this morning ... (keep in mind, this is only the start)

Ailsa Craig, big huge sweets
Copra, storage
Redwing, storage
Walla Walla, need I say more?

Yukon Gold
Red Pontiac
Purple Majesty
Red Thumb Fingerling
Yellow Finn
Viking Red
Rio Grand Russet
German Butterball
Purple Peruvian Fingerling
Peter Wilcox

All organic OP varieties so far, the last two are heirlooms
Yukon Chief
Extra Early Golden Bantam
Roy's Calais Flint (for grinding and stock feeding)

Randy's Notes: The daily farm ..

Currently, we are a wee bit wet here on the farm. Not nearly as bad as I have seen it, but, it is wet enough that working in the area of soil preparation is a no-no. It is also season for the ordering of the seeds for the upcoming plantings. When one orders 500$-800$ worth of seed, it takes a good while to make sure the orders are correct. Rikke goes through her database and edits her lists of seeds from the previous years, using input from both of us, how things were last year, yields, disease, etc, to make a educated guestimate of what we will need for the upcoming season.

Soon I will be posting a list of the vegetables we are planning for the upcoming season. If anyone has questions about, or concerning said veggies, please reply here and I will do what I can to assist you.

A Couple of Sunny Days

The couple sunny days we had recently felt like heaven.  Too bad they are soon to be over.  I am actually getting a tan.  I'm crossing my fingers that after this last couple of storm systems, La Nina hikes up her nickers and we move on to actual SUMMER!

CSA:  We emailed all our customers, but just in case... because of the weird cold and wet weather of the last couple months we are starting the CSA two weeks later than expected.  The CSA will run for the full 16 (or 26 if you are doing summer and fall) weeks.  We start on Tuesday, 31st of May.

Chickens:  We've got 10 little beauties chirping in a stock tank down in the dining room (hey, keeps them warm, keeps the room clean!).  We'll have 5 more in a day or two.  So, we are on our way to farm fresh eggs!

Goats:  The little ones were doing great up until yesterday.  Night before last we got to freezing and Sundae seems to have somehow missed her feedings with her mother.  Anyway, she was in dire straits when we found her this afternoon.  She wasn't too cold, then, she was lying in the sun and that kept her warm.  But she really needed food and rest and care.  So into the house she went.  She's 16 days old, and still under 2 pounds!  Her sister, Brulee, is a little bigger, but only just.  We got Sundae fed, she slept on me for 90 minutes or so, then we took her outside and Randy held her mother and we let her eat.  And she ate and ate.  She's sleeping with her sisters, and I'm back to checking on them every 4 hours, bottle in hand.  So much for getting any sleep!

Under the cut you'll find pictures of the goats, the farm and the farm dog.  Enjoy!
Pics are under hereCollapse )

A Pic of the Farm two days ago, after we finished our Tuesday mowing.  The day after was rotten, cold, windy, rained all the time.  Bleh.  Mother Nature can be such a tease!