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Randy's Note's

tis pissin down rightly here this morning. Everything is just soppin wet, squishy muddy mucky. All the animals have been fed, let loose, watered, and petted (if wished). Now the coffee is being had, the mails are being answered and sent, and the Jaska is on her perch in the warm and dry sanctuary on top of my bed. Hopefully the winds that were called for will blow somewhere else.

A good day to stay inside.

Randy's Note's

After all the snow, and then the rain, which in turn melted the snow, the ground is very wet here, ducks (wild) are enjoying the back 5 acres which is currently under water. Early this afternoon, I enjoyed the sunshine while breaking down fence lines, and pulling posts. Chickens all round my feet the entire time, one must be very careful when working in their midst.

Took a trip out to the garden, sorta figured what I would find out there, garlic with 2-3 in roots squirted out of the ground, like someone spittin sunflower seeds, all caused by frost. So reopen the hole and back in they go. A good 3/4 of them have a good hold on the soil and are 2-3 inches tall already.

Things are happening on the farm, albeit somewhat slowly.

Randy's Note's - Fresh Eggs


Fresh Eggs from the Farm!

4$ a dozen, or 2$ by the half-dozen.

If your in need of some of the best eggs to be had, give me a call. 434-7414

Rikke's Notes: Pics from the Snow!

Brrrrrrrr.  The last couple days have been cold and very snowy.  So what else is new?  As of right now (5:30 p Friday night) we've got lots of snow floating on top of the rain that came down most of the day.  Very, very slushy.  Hopefully the snow/ice dam down by West Kingston Rd will break soon and let the water that's sitting on the fields out.

Anyway, here's some pics from the last couple days:

Look behind the cut!Collapse )

Pheww, that was a lot of uploading

Randy's Note's - Blueberry Muffins

Made a handful of blueberry muffins today! Seems one of them disappeared shortly after it came after the oven. Blueberries off our own bushes, washed and frozen went into that scratch batter. Oh so yummy good they are. Just sayin.

Randy's Notes - The daily farm

Coffee Made (check)
Goats fed (check)
Chickens fed (check)
Chickens let out to play (check)
Snow cleaned off hoop house (check)
Coop cleaned (check)
First cuppa (check)
Fire Built in the wood stove (check)
eggs harvested (check)
7 dozen eggs moved to the cooler (check)
Pot Roast in the oven (check)
10 gal of hot water taken out to the buck barn (check)
Attempted to create a snowman for Jaska (check)
Watched as Jaska removed said snowman as it was getting built (check)
Cleaned ice-build-up off the glass greenhouse [carefully] (check)
Jaska brought back inside to dry off on my bed (check)
Finishing 2nd cuppa (check)

May your day be most fantastic!

Randy's Notes - The daily farm

The snowstorm has came and went, leaving it's droppings all over the farm. Many trips out to clean off the hoop house to keep it from caving in were made, with the weight of the very wet snow, there was no choice to be made, it had to come off regularly.

Now that the storm is passed, there is supposed to be another weeks worth of rain, just what I was hoping for, we are so dry here. Not!

27º out currently and shit be frozen solid.

Boxes of seeds are starting to arrive from the different vendors Rikke orders things from. Must get the rest of the cleaning finished, we will be needing to start seeds here in the next couple weeks at the latest.

Sleepy time soon.

Randy's Notes - The daily farm

Once and hour or so I am out to the hoop house knocking the snow off, it is WET and HEAVY snow, and if I wait too long, the chances of our hoop house collapsing, increases. Going to be interesting the next 2 days. For those of you who asked, begged, pleaded for snow, thanks.

Chickens are out, being the prehistoric menaces that they are. Goats are fed! Doglet has been out and her patrols completed. Now all snuggled back inside, we watch.

Rikke's Notes: The Weekly Round

Rikke here, Randy is doing the daily farm listing, but I thought I'd chime in from time to time, because I can!

It's snaining today (rain and snow together!) and I washed my hair this morning, so I don't think I'm going to go out and freeze my hair off. Which means I'm inside, at the computer with a ham and cheese bagel sandwich, some homemade (and homegrown!) pickles, and homemade cheese. Perhaps soon, it'll be homegrown ham as well!

For the last week of good weather, cold but no rain, I embarked on a project to prune and clear the side garden. Randy helped when he had time. You can see the pictures in the post one or two below this one. My goals: 1. Get off my butt and get some work done 2. Rescue the roses and plants I loved from being overgrown and overrun with ivy 3. Start training my body early for the farm season 4. Be outside with my dog and my animals 5. Get the big 'garden' chores done before the farm season starts in earnest.

I accomplished most of that. In the last 8 days I went from working for about 90 minutes total and needing to sit down after 30 for a break because of my aching back, to working for 180 minutes total and needing to sit down after 60 minutes. A marked improvement. I can feel all the muscles that I built up in my 30's during my bodybuilding phase waking up and coming back into fitness. It'll be a slow journey, but already I'm stronger.

Most of the roses were rescueable. A few have given up the ghost. The lilac, which is a miniature variety and only supposed to grow to 4-5 ft tall, had to be cut back from about 12 ft tall! It won't flower for a year or two, but I hope this renews it. I've cut back one of the rhodies hard, will do the others after they flower. I know from experience I could cut them to the roots and within two or three years they'd need cutting again! The highbush cranberry, growing a towering 20 ft tall and wide, is now about 8 ft wide and 10 ft tall.

The side garden is done, it'll need weed-eated every month, but it's basically ready to go. Next week I'll move to the front beds and the 'big' rose garden. Next month is going to be the big herb garden renovation. Assuming weather permits, of course.

I stopped milking the does last week and we took down the fence panels between the does' enclosure and the main enclosure. The goats can now get right up by the driveway and they do so. I have started what I hope I can keep as a tradition of sitting with them when it's not raining. I'd forgotten how soothing that can be. The older goats gather around me, and even if it's really cold, it's not that bad because warm goat bodies are pressing on me, keeping me warm. They nibble on my clothes and hair, and I scratch them and talk to them. Every once in a while one belches. Heh. Some of the goats don't like being touched, and they move away a bit, but keep an eye on the goings on. Many of the younger goats do want to be touched, but are quite shy, so they watch carefully from a few feet away, moving in for a furtive scratch now and again.

The chickens ring the area at my feet, adroitly moving between the goats' legs. They get scratched from time to time. Down at the far pen the bucks watch. At my back, just outside the fence is the dog. The only animals missing are the feral cats.

Here's Miss Mack and her brood, Florence and Genevieve (and an honorary Caramel) waiting for me to come into the pen and take a seat.  Mack's to the right.  First daughter, Florence, is next to her.  Second daughter, Genevieve is next to Flo.  Honorary daughter, Caramel, is on the left.

This is Audrey, the runt from 2010.  She's very small still, but a strong little thing.  She is shy and watches the others get attention, sometimes asking for it herself.

Here's Brulee, last year's runt.  She's still very much the smallest goat we have, and will probably always be so.  She too is shy, but coming around!

Randy's Notes - The daily farm

We were asked to post some pictures of the spring cleaning of the farm. Here is a start of that process. Always keep in mind, your more than welcome to come help!

Photos behind the towering weeds hereCollapse )

Do have a great day!