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Randy's Notes - The daily farm

Coffee Made (check)
Goats fed (check)
Chickens fed (check)
Chickens let out to play (check)
Snow cleaned off hoop house (check)
Coop cleaned (check)
First cuppa (check)
Fire Built in the wood stove (check)
eggs harvested (check)
7 dozen eggs moved to the cooler (check)
Pot Roast in the oven (check)
10 gal of hot water taken out to the buck barn (check)
Attempted to create a snowman for Jaska (check)
Watched as Jaska removed said snowman as it was getting built (check)
Cleaned ice-build-up off the glass greenhouse [carefully] (check)
Jaska brought back inside to dry off on my bed (check)
Finishing 2nd cuppa (check)

May your day be most fantastic!


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Jan. 20th, 2012 01:05 am (UTC)
WOW, your day sounds very much like mine only substitute sheep for goats and take out the bit about the snowman and the dog. I only got 7 eggs, not 7 dozen, today and I also don't have a woodstove so that scotches that part.

My greenhouse is toast. It buckled due to wind and snow so we'll be buying a new frame this coming spring. It's just a hoop-house type covered in plastic so it won't be too awful.

My barn tap is frozen solid. I hope I won't have a broken line out there but I suspect I might. I've taken down several buckets of hot water for the sheep. They seem to appreciate it.

I also have a pot roast in the crock pot. Great minds think alike!
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